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In architecture discrete thinking pertains to the unseemly, at least while alive.
I had a job interview once, in a (deservingly unknown) practice, dedicated to projects heavily inspired by star architecture of the time. The clichés applied were as literate as non-gratifying.
Why not simply clone the "original" (architecture), avoiding (such) circumstance? After all distinguishing "encore presentations" from pastiche.
Surprisingly I didn’t get the job.-)

'Österreichisches Verkehrsbüro' by Hans Hollein 1976-1978, netpic: http://www.kyral.at/
I.) Img. _01

» […] Im Sinne einer architektonischen Collage hat Hollein verschiedene Elemente aus unterschiedlichen Epochen und Stilen zusammengetragen […] « II.) 1

1976 - 1979 Hans Hollein
'Österreichisches Verkehrsbüro' [Travel agency, Vienna, interior]
destroyed in 1987

'The Great Kitchen' of The Royal Pavilion at Brighton by John Nash 1816, netpic: http://austenonly.com/
III.) Img. _02

» […] The tent-like copper canopies and the iron and copper palm tree columns brought the Oriental theme even into this kitchen, where, it is recorded, the Prince Regent once dined with his servants, having had a red cloth laid upon the floor. « IV.) 2

1816 John Nash
'The Great Kitchen' [of The Royal Pavilion at Brighton]

'Chapel of Thanksgiving' by Philip Johnson 1976, netpic: http://www.bluffton.edu/
V.) Img. _03

1976 Philip Johnson
'Chapel of Thanksgiving' [Thanks-Giving Square, Dallas, Texas]

'The Mosque of Abu Dulaf' commissioned by Al-Mutawakkil approx. 860, netpic: http://commons.wikimedia.org/
VI.) Img. _04

'The Mosque of Abu Dulaf'
~ 860 commissioned by al-Mutawakkil
[also known as 'Great Mosque of al-Ja'fariya', north of Samarra]

'One Canada Square' by Cesar Pelli and others 1988-1991, netpic: http://commons.wikimedia.org/
VI.) Img. _05

1988 - 1991 Cesar Pelli & Associates, Adamson Associates, and Frederick Gibberd Coombes & Partners
'One Canada Square' [Canary Wharf, London ]

'[Three] World Financial Center' by Cesar Pelli & Associates 1986, netpic: http://commons.wikimedia.org/
VI.) Img. _06

[1982] - 1986 Cesar Pelli and Adamson & Assocs.
'[Three] World Financial Center',
also known as 'American Express Tower', adjoining Battery Park City (1981 - 1988), New York

'Glashaus' by Friedhelm Schubring 1974-1978, screenshot from a video by Stefan Stöhr 2012
VII.) Img. _07

» […] Dieser Bau ist nicht 1 zu 1 kopiert […] Man kann das also sehr schön mit dem Barcelona Pavillon vergleichen. Insofern gibt es Ähnlichkeiten, keine Kopie im eigentlichen Sinn. […] « VII.) 3

1974 - 1978 Friedhelm Schubring
'Glashaus' in Jena [built in the former German Democratic Republic]

'Barcelona Pavilion' by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe 1929 (1986), screenshot from a video by Stefan Stöhr 2012
VII.) Img. _08

1929 Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
'Barcelona Pavilion' [reconstructed 1983 - 1986]

'Tianducheng' 2007, netpic 2012
VIII.) Img. _09

» […] There are currently just 2000 residents living in the development, but its eventual capacity will be around 100,000. […] « IX.) 4

2007 Zhejiang Guangsha Co. Ltd. (real estate develepors)
'Tianducheng' North of Hangzhou, near Shanghai

'Paris Las Vegas' by Bergman Walls Associates (and others) 1997 - 1999, netpic 2012
X.) Img. _10

1997 - 1999 Bergman Walls Associates Leidenfrost/Horowitz & Associates and MBH Architects
'Paris Las Vegas' ['Eiffel Tower Experience']

'Ronchamp replica' 1994 - 2006 in Zhengzhou, East China, netpic 2013
XII.) Img. _11

» […] it was short lived, erected in 1994 and demolished in 2006 after a three year lasting dispute with the "Fondation Le Corbusier" in Paris. […] « XI.) 5

1994 - 2006 'Ronchamp replica' [clubhouse] in Zhengzhou, Henan province, East China

'Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut' in Ronchamp by Le Corbusier, completed in 1955, netpic 2013
X.) Img. _12

1950 - 1955 Le Corbusier
'Notre Dame du Haut' [chapel] in Ronchamp, France

'Yingquan Distric Goverment Building' prior to 2007, in Fuyang, provinz Anhui, East China, netpic 2013
XIII.) Img. _13

» […] China has taken the "Shanzhai" culture to a whole new level. Apparently, the trend of copying famous architectural designs has spread all over China. […] « XIV.) 6

Early 21st century? [prior to 2007] 'Yingquan Distric Goverment Building' in Fuyang, province Anhui, East China

'Jiangyin City People's Court of Justice' in Wuxi City, province Jiangsu, East China, netpic 2013
XV.) Img. _14

Early 21st century? 'Jiangyin City People’s Court of Justice' in Wuxi City, province Jiangsu, East China

'Meiquan 22nd Century building' Chongqing, central China, netpic 2013
XVI.) Img. _15

» […] inspired by the cobblestones on the bank of the Yangtze River by which Chongqing was built. […] « XVII.) 7

2012 by Chongqing Meiquan Properties Ltd [developers]
'Meiquan 22nd Century building' Chongqing, central China

'Wangjing SOHO' by Zaha Hadid Architects 2009 - 2014 Beijing, China, netpic 2014
XVIII.) Img. _16

2009 - 2014 Zaha Hadid Architects
'Wangjing SOHO' Beijing, China



  1. 'Österreichisches Verkehrsbüro' [palm trees, detail] designed by Hans Hollein
    Img. _ 01 Netpic labelled: » Messingarbeiten für Verkehrsbüro (Fa. Trakl, Arch. Hans Hollein,1980) « from http://www.kyral.at/ [retrieved January 2012]
  2. IN: 'Kunstgeschichte. Open Peer Reviewed Journal, 2010-10
    'Charles Jencks und das Prinzip der Doppel-, Mehr- und Überkodierung. Kommunikation und Interpretation der Postmodernen Architektur' by Steffen Krämer
    Summary: http://www.kunstgeschichte-ejournal.net/

    1 [page 7, 8]
  3. 'The Great Kitchen' of The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, designed by John Nash, who transformed the Pavilion from 1815 to 1822 [1823] into its current state.
    Img. _ 02 Netpic labelled: » […] the cast iron columns supporting the roof are made in the form of palm leaves. « from http://austenonly.com/ [retrieved January 2012, © Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove]
  4. 'The Royal Pavilion Brighton' [museumsguide] published by The Royal Pavilion, Art Gallery and Museums/Brighton Borough Council, 1986, revised 1988.
    2 [page 15]
  5. Img. _ 03 Netpic from http://www.bluffton.edu/ [retrieved January 2012]
  6. Wikimedia Commons http://commons.wikimedia.org/
    Img. _ 04 labelled: » Though similar to the minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra, it is actually the spiral minaret at Abu Dulaf, 15 km north of Samarra. « [retrieved January 2012]
    Img. _ 05 labelled: » One Canada Square « [multiple creators, detail, retrieved January 2012]
    Img. _ 06 labelled: » World Financial Center in New York City, in July 2006. Photo by Aude « [detail, retrieved January 2012]
  7. Video by Stefan Stöhr 2012 http://youtu.be/ 2 3
    Img. _ 07 Screenshot
    Img. _ 08 Screenshot
    3 Statement by Dr. Heribert Sutter, curator of monuments
  8. 'Made in China: European Clone Towns' (published online November 20, 2012 at 3:10 pm) http://www.messynessychic.com/
    Img. _ 09 Netpic [retrieved December 2012]
  9. 4 » Hoping to bring the 'European Lifestyle' to China's growing number of wealthy residents, the 31 km2 development features several reproductions of famous Parisian landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. At 108 metres, Tianducheng's Eiffel Tower is the second largest replica of the Eiffel Tower in the world – roughly one third the height of its Parisian namesake. « published online 25th of February 2008 http://googlesightseeing.com/ [retrieved December 2012]
  10. via Google Image Search
    Img. _ 10 Netpic from http://destinia.com/ [detail, retrieved December 2012]
    Img. _ 12 Netpic by 'bagrfakr' http://bagrfakr.deviantart.com/art/ [2010-2013, detail, retrieved January 2013]
  11. 5 posted by Fabrizio Gallanti 15.02.2011
  12. Img. _ 11 Netpic from http://varnelis.net/ [detail, retrieved January 2013]
  13. Img. _ 13 Netpic from http://www.spiegel.de/ [2 34 detail, retrieved July 2013]
  14. 6 Published online on October 17, 2012 by Peter Wang http://www.chinawhisper.com/ [retrieved July 2013]
    » The word "shanzhai" originally means "mountain village," but the term was given a new life in China. "Shanzhai" has taken on a broader meaning, denoting fake, unprofessional or homemade, a slang term for anything that steals ideas or styles from already well-known stuff. « [Posted on November 2, 2010 by Peter Wang ] http://www.chinawhisper.com/
  15. Img. _ 14 Netpic from http://www.n-tv.de/ [AP, detail, retrieved July 2013]
  16. Img. _ 15 Netpic from http://blogs.artinfo.com/ [Str/AFP/Getty Images, detail, retrieved January 2014]
    » This picture shows the Meiquan 22nd Century building in China's southwest Chongqing on January 3, 2012. [...] « http://www.gettyimages.at/
  17. 7 'Twin buildings appeared in Beijing and Chongqing' published online in August 2012 by Jessie Chen http://www.chinaipmagazine.com/
    » On May 14th [2012], SOHO China and Chongqing Meiquan held press conferences respectively. Chongqing Meiquan, speaking with Chongqing dialect, stated that the design of Meiquan 22nd Century was inspired by the cobblestones on the bank of the Yangtze River by which Chongqing was built. He demanded that SOHO China delete the “untruthful accusations on Sina Microblog and withdraw the lawyer’s letter.” However, Pan took a tough stance on this issue, saying that Wangjing SOHO was designed to reproduce the image of Koi, which symbolizes “wealth, luck, health and happiness” in Chinese culture, and insisted on filing a lawsuit. [...] « http://ipr.chinadaily.com.cn/ updated: 2012-10-31
  18. Img. _ 16 Netpic from http://www.zaha-hadid.com/ [detail, retrieved January 2014]





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